Photos of my concerts.

“Don’t listen to me” — Mother & Daughter Songs and Texts with Gina Pietsch, Scarlett O’ & Jürgen Ehle (2019-02-03, Liebenhof)

photos © Olaf Hoffmann

“KreiKa — On Everyday Madness” Songs by Georg Kreisler & Mascha Kaléko with Julia Schwebke & Friederike Ziegler (2020-10-09, Zimmer 16, Berlin)

Live drawing © Christian Badel

O’Sisters, i.e. Tina Powileit, Scarlett O’ & Frauke Pietsch (photo shoot, 2020-05-08, Liebenhof)

Photos © Franziska Hänsel

Gina Pietsch & Frauke Pietsch (photo shoot Christina Kurby, 2018-03-14)

Photos © Christina Kurby

“Saying it like it is” — Tribute to Rosa Luxemburg with Gina Pietsch (2019-04-06, Ebene 3, Heidelberg)